Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Manufactured Stone:

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      NATIVE CUSTOM STONE - The choice among builders and architects!

The popularity of using manufactured stone products for commercial and residential applications has increased dramatically over the last few years. The reason is simple: manufactured stone products are durable, weigh less than natural stone, and now come in wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. View colors and choices! >>

Meticulously Crafted...
Based on castings from natural stone, NATIVE CUSTOM STONE products are meticulously crafted to be realistic in both shape and style. During the manufacturing process, iron oxide pigments are added to achieve a colorfast natural appearance.

Limitless Applications...
Because NATIVE CUSTOM STONE products weigh only 40% of the weight of natural stone, its applications are almost endless. NATIVE CUSTOM STONE products do not require a foundation or support and can be installed to any prepared substrate, thus reducing overall installation cost.

Interior or Exterior...
NATIVE CUSTOM STONE can be used on exteriors of residences, apartments, and commercial buildings. Interior applications on fireplaces, counter fronts, columns and accent walls are almost limitless!

Residential or Commercial...
Whether your stone application is interior or exterior, small or large, residential or commercial, you can be assured of a quality product manufactured to the highest standards within the industry.

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